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Constables Position “Outdated” in Kentucky

November 8th, 2012 - By Charles Choate

A report released Thursday by the Justice and Public Safety office in Kentucky says the office of Constable is “outdated and irrelevant”.

Secretary J. Micheal Brown said in his press conference that the law enforcement job of Constable poses potential liabilities for counties across the state.

Citing several high profile incidents involving Constables over the past year, Secretary Brown directed the Department of Criminal Justice to assess whether the office was a viable role in modern day law enforcement.

Brown said the study revealed the need for the position was a “resounding no”.

The report noted no required training, education or experience was mandatory for the position, which was inconsistent with other state law enforcement officers.

Secretary Brown’s report said the office of Constable should now be abolished, or have its law enforcement authority eliminated.