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Dresden City Board Meeting

January 8th, 2013 - By Steve James


At last night’s Dresden Board meeting the city gave an update of the Green Rail Trail Project.

The design the city approved calls for a walking trail, a bike path, and a skate park to built.

The project is estimated to cost approximately $500,000 dollars and with the grant the city is applying for, it would cost Dresden about $100,000 dollars.

This type of grant is very competitive and over 100 cities around the state applied for it last year and only twenty got approved.

Mayor Danny Forrester said the committee that approves the grants likes to see support from the city’s residents, so he encouraged Dresden residents to send letters to City Hall or contact them so they could add the letters to the application.

In other business, the Board heard complaints from four citizens on the new trash collecting situation. They all said they didn’t like the new system of one week of regular trash pick up and the next is only recyclable materials.

They also said the garbage men are letting quite a bit of trash fall from cans and its piling up around certain streets.

Mayor Forrester said he would look into the issue and see if there were anyways to help with the trash collecting issues.

The Dresden Board will meet again on Monday February the 4th at six o’clock at City Hall.