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Earthquake Increase in Area

March 5th, 2013 - By Charles Choate

According to the Center for Earthquake Research and Information, 23 small earthquakes have occurred in our area over the past 34 days.

The tremors, which are along the New Madrid Fault Line, have been recorded in Ridgely and Tiptonville, along with Caruthersville and New Madrid in Missouri.

The largest of those recorded during the period, came this past Sunday morning at Caruthersville, with a magnitude reading of 2.6.

Just hours later, the Center for Earthquake Research recorded a small tremor of 1.7 in Ridgely.

Memphis Earthquake Information Officer Gary Patterson told KYTN News that statistics are indicating an increase in activity along the fault, but there was no need for alarm for a bigger event.

Over the last 34 day period, the report indicated nine earthquake recordings in Ridgely, six in Tiptonville, three in New Madrid and two in Caruthersville.