Thunderbolt Broadcasting » Blog Archive » Fiscal Cliff Averted; Fincher Votes “No”

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Fiscal Cliff Averted; Fincher Votes “No”

January 2nd, 2013 - By Charles Choate

Congress’ approval of a compromise averting a tumble off the fiscal cliff handed President Barack Obama most of the tax boosts on the rich that he campaigned on.

The GOP-run House voted final approval for the measure late last night by 257-167 vote.

The passage also prevents House Republicans from facing blame for blocking tax cuts for most American households, though most GOP lawmakers parted ways with Speaker John Boehner and opposed the measure.

8th District Congressman Stephen Fincher voted “no” on the issue, releasing a statement to Thunderbolt Broadcasting saying the bill did “absolutely nothing to address our country’s crushing deficit or debt concerns”.

Fincher went on to say that Washington was “kicking the can down the road, borrowing 46-cents for every dollar in spending, leading to a slower growth and higher unemployment”.

Last night’s vote came after the Democratic-led Senate used a pre-dawn 89-8 roll call to assent to the bill, belying the partisan that colored much of the path to the final deal.