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Large Area Marijuana Bust

December 3rd, 2012 - By Charles Choate

A Washington state man has been arrested on charges of selling large amounts of marijuana in the local area.

Reports from the 27th Judicial Drug Task Force say 62 year old Thomas Eugene Wilson, of Goldendale, was arrested for Possession With Intent to Sell a high grade of marijuana.

Task Force reports said Wilson was found in possession of 15 pounds of the drug, with a street value of $37,500.

Reports said the arrest came after a tip led officers to conduct a surveillance of a Weakley County residence.

At the scene, Wilson was arrested with marijuana and $6,000 in cash.

Additional information led the Task Force officers to South Fulton, where 29 year old Kyle Adkins and 35 year old Laurie Dyer, of Ralph Puckett Road, were arrested after four pounds of marijuana was taken to the residence.

At the scene, reports said several vehicles and thousands of dollars were seized, after individuals arrived at the residence wanting to purchase marijuana from Adkins and Dyer.

The investigation into the marijuana operation continues according to the report.