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Pseudoephedrine Forum

July 24th, 2013 - By Steve James

Law enforcement officials from across the state were at the Watkins Auditorium Tuesday night for the forum to discuss the City of Martin’s proposal to make pseudoephedrine based medication only available by prescription within the city limits.

The proposal first gained attention after all the municipalities in Franklin County approved a similar one. Winchester Police Chief Dennis Young was one of the main supporters of the measure, and he gave a presentation at the forum Tuesday evening.

Chief Young said one of the reasons he became so involved in passing the measure was because of seeing how children are effected by meth.

Chief Young on Resolution


Director of the TBI’s Meth Task Force Tommy Farmer, spoke about the more technical side of pseudoephedrine. Farmer said in the 1970s, it was actually listed in the same drug classification as meth because it’s the main ingredient that’s needed to make the illegal drug.

farmer on meth


After the forum, Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder, said the measure has been discussed in Obion County and praised Martin City Officials for bringing the issue to the surrounding area’s attention.

Vastbinder on resolution


The Martin City Board approved the first reading of the resolution last month and will have the second and final reading on August the 12th. City officials in Dresden, Gleason and Greenfield have said they plan to discuss it at their August meeting as well.

To hear more from Tuesday’s forum, you can tune into 30 Minutes this weekend on WCMT.