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Radio Advertising Tips

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Here are some concepts to keep in mind as you plan your radio advertising:

Feature one item, or a limited number, per commercial to insure listener remembrance. You can’t sell ten items in thirty seconds.

If you must use price, use one or a few only. This way you won’t confuse the listener.

Is a phone number necessary? If it can’t get an order or sell a customer, and if you can’t make it the centerpiece of the ad, don’t use it.

Spend a reasonable amount of money. Don’t expect good results unless you invest appropriately.

Use saturation for hard-hitting impact. You can’t get the job done with one spot. Repetition – frequency – is one of radio’s biggest persuaders.

Distinction is an effective tool for attracting people. That sound effect, theme music or “sound signature” will help your ads make an impression.

Don’t select radio programs or formats for your own personal likes or dislikes, but rather for the audience you want to reach.

The best use of radio advertising is day in, day out, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. The results from radio advertising build over time, and they are lasting results.

Don’t try to reach too many people all at once. It is better to reach 10% of your prospects 100% of the way than to reach 100% of your prospects only 10% of the way.

Have confidence in your marketing consultant. You are an expert in your field; your marketing consultant is an expert in his or hers. To find out how we can help, call or e-mail Paul Tinkle or John Watts at 731-587-9526.