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School Safety Study in Obion County

January 8th, 2013 - By Charles Choate

A five member committee has been formed to study the status of school safety within Obion County.

The “School Safety Investigation Committee” features County Mayor Benny McGuire, Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder, Director of School’s David Huss, former Union City Police Chief Joe Garner and former FBI Agent Roger Fisher.

The committee was announced after Sheriff Vastbinder addressed the Budget Committee Monday morning at the Courthouse, concerning additional needs to make all schools safe for students.

Director Huss said he spoke at length with Vastbinder following the latest school shooting in Connecticut, and appreciated the concern of the board to make improvements in the system.

Mayor McGuire said the newly formed group will meet within the next two weeks to begin assessment of how to make local school’s safer, and how to fund possible changes that could be made.