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Tommy Lattus Ruled Competent

November 8th, 2012 - By Charles Choate

The man accused in the January shotgun slaying of Hickman Mayor Charles Murphy has been re-indicted on the charges.

Hickman Police Chief Tony Grogan told KYTN News that 30 year old Tommy Lattus, of Hickman, will now be returned to the Fulton County Detention Center, from his current housing at the Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville.

A true bill was returned by the Fulton County Grand Jury Thursday morning, after the charges of murder were again issued by Commonwealth Attorney Mike Stacey.

Grogan and Stacey both told KYTN News that Lattus had now been ruled competent, by Western State officials, to stand trial on the charges.

In an August hearing, charges against Lattus were dismissed by Circuit Judge Tim Langford, after he was ruled incompetent to stand charges at that time.

Lattus was then ordered by Judge Langford to the psychiatric facility at Western State for a period of over 300 days.

The original charges against Lattus were issued after he admitted to breaking into Murphy’s home, during the early morning hours of January 23rd, and shooting the Mayor with a shotgun.

Following the shooting, Lattus then drove to the Hickman Police Station and confessed to the crime.

The shotgun used in the murder was recovered at Murphy’s home.