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Voucher Discussion at Weakley County Commission Meeting

March 19th, 2013 - By Steve James

The School Voucher issued was the main topic of discussion at Monday night’s Weakley County Commission Meeting.

Commission Chairman Jimmy Westbrook sponsored a resolution to show Weakley County opposes the formation of the school Voucher program of the state, in particular, a version designed by Senate Education Committee chairwoman Dolores Gresham and sponsored by Representative Andy Holt.

Commissioner David Hawks spoke to the commission before the vote and urged them to not completely oppose the program because it can help students that are need of a better education.

The Commission then heard from Pastor of Central Baptist Church of Martin Kylan Mann, who also urged the commissioners to not oppose the measure because vouchers could help give children another option for their education.

Ultimately the resolution to oppose the voucher program passed with a 13 to 4 vote.

Representative Andy Holt spoke to WCMT about the topic and said it’s not always about the students in low performing school and the vouchers could actually give students an opportunity to have a better school experience

Both versions of the measure are currently in sub committees and could possibly head for votes by the end of the week. The County Commission will meet again next month on May the 20th at 5:30